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02 Feb. 22

5 Things to Look for in Dry Fogging Fort Lauderdale Cleaning Companies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida was hit hard with COVID outbreaks, and deaths caused by complications brought on by the virus. Not only is the area known for having poor social distancing regulations, but populations of people unwilling to wear masks, and it gets a large influx of tourists and college students, the need for COVID cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale are extremely high. Since dry fogging is the only COVID cleaning method guaranteed to kill 100% of COVID, as well as any living organism, finding the best dry fogging Fort Lauderdale has to offer is critical to the health of one’s family, and employees. But how can you tell if you are partnering with a legitimate dry fogging service provider? This article is intended to help homeowners and businesses searching for dry fogging services learn how to partner with the best provider.

1. Make Sure Your Dry Fogging Company in Fort Lauderdale Actually Using True Cold Sterilization

There are a lot of dry fogging imposters out there. Bonafide dry fogging service providers use a cold sterilization mixture that has a hydrogen peroxide base, and that’s moisture free. You will want to ask your dry fogging provider to explain what the components are in the mixture they will use to sterilize your living space. The mixture should have zero moisture. Furthermore, some cheap versions of dry fog mixtures can cause asthma to flare up in some people, and these mixtures are not safe to spray in food prep areas, or when people and pets will be in the room, or in homes where people and pets return immediately after a cleaning has taken place. High-quality, genuine dry fogging mixtures are completely safe for people and pets and can be sprayed in and around food prep areas. Just make sure your dry fogging company is not using a cheap version of the required cleaning solution.

2. Your Dry Fogging Fort Lauderdale Company Should be Licensed and Insured

Make sure your dry fogging company in Fort Lauderdale uses technicians that are licensed and insured to sanitize homes and businesses. While the dry fogging mixture won’t damage furniture, construction materials, electronics or textiles, accidents can still happen. In 2019 a dry fogging service provider backed his truck into a tree causing the tree root to move upwards and break a plumbing line which caused flooding to the home’s foundation. Because the dry fogging company lacked insurance, the homeowner was not able to fully recover his losses. That said, make sure your dry fogging company is completely insured and licensed.

3. Your Dry Fogging Company Should Have References and Reviews, and Hire Trustworthy Technicians

Any service provider that enters your home, be it an HVAC repairman, or a dry fogging technician, should be able to present you with some references and have customer reviews. Not only is this to ensure the work will be done correctly, but it is also to provide that added layer of safety by knowing that a trustworthy person is coming through your doors. Unfortunately, some dry fogging service providers don’t perform background checks on employees, and when theft occurs, the company is ultimately responsible for not looking after their client’s best interests. Make sure your dry fogging company in Fort Lauderdale performs full background checks on their employees, look for sterling reviews, and ask your dry fogging company to provide some references from previous customers that share a similar profile to your own.

4. 24 Hour Dry Fogging Availability in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known for its nightlife, and it’s a city with little sleep. That said, you may need to call for dry fogging services with little notice. For example, if you own a bar and discover at 11PM that someone with a positive COVID test result was in having a round of drinks, or if you discover late at night that a recent house guest had COVID, you will need to get dry fogging performed as soon as possible to ensure the premises are safe. Responsible businesses will shut down until the premises can be sterilized, and for bars and restaurants, shutting down for an evening can cause one to lose thousands of dollars. However, a reputable dry fogging service provider can sterilize a bar or restaurant in less than 20 minutes thus enabling you to continue to safely run your business while demonstrating to customers that their safety comes first.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA skyline over Barrier Island.

5. Look for Dry Fogging Companies that Also Perform Mold Removal Services

According to insurance claim data, Fort Lauderdale is one of the nation’s leading cities in mold damage claims. Since dry fogging is not only commonly used for COVID cleaning but also for destroying mold spores, it is ideal to have a dry fogging company that is also licensed and equipped to perform mold detection and remediation, if needed. Why not kill two birds with one stone; if the COVID cleaning dry fogging technician sees signs of a mold infestation, it is a bonus knowing they have the equipment to test for mold, kill and clean up the infestation, and perform any remediation services necessary.

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