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12 Aug. 21

COVID Cleaning Supplies for Schools Don’t Work: Partner with a Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging School Cleaning Service

As more schools are beginning to open in light of the COVID pandemic, school administrators, board members, and principals are scrambling to create safe protocols for students and faculty. One step most schools have already adapted is to purchase COVID cleaning supplies for schools, or hire traditional cleaning companies that clean schools using washing solutions that kill the COVID virus. The only problem is that none of these solutions kills 100% of the COVID virus. The only way to completely rid the COVID virus from schools is to partner with a company that incorporated cold sterilization dry fogging in COVID cleaning supplies for schools, as dry fogging is the only cleaning solution guaranteed to kill 100% of all viruses.

Why do Traditional / Standard COVID Cleaning Supplies for Schools Fail?

The COVID virus doesn’t just live on surfaces touched by human hands; the virus is airborne and can be floating in classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, auditoriums, locker rooms, and in other areas frequented by people. COVID can contaminate ceilings, and be stirred up with ventilation systems come on, or doors open. It can also enter ventilation systems and spread rapidly from one room to another. Traditional wipe down services can’t kill the virus; all that standard COVID cleaning supplies for schools do is kill any remnants of the COVID virus that might be on desks, counters, doorknobs, or other areas they can physically wipe down.

Furthermore, the COVID virus can enter crevices and cracks in materials that can’t be reached by COVID cleaning supplies for schools; it is impossible to wipe down the inside of these crevices in furniture, cracks in flooring materials, and other hard-to-reach places.

Basically, schools are wasting money and giving false expectations to parents and students by using these antiquated COVID cleaning methods.

Why School Administrators Should Invest in Dry Fogging to Replace COVID Cleaning Supplies for Schools

Cold sterilization dry fogging is the only school cleaning procedure guaranteed to kill 100% of the COVID virus. There are also several of other benefits that school’s benefit from when working with a dry fogging service provider that include the following:

Dry Fogging Kills ALL Viruses, Pathogens and Germs – What if you could tell parents that their child’s classroom is as sterile as a medical clean room? If you partner with a dry fogging company, you will be able to say just that. Medical clean rooms are completely sterile with zero microbes, pathogens, bacteria, or viruses in existence. When you have your substitute COVID cleaning supplies for schools with dry fogging, you, your faculty, students, and parents can rest assured knowing that every square inch of the school is completely sterile and safe. You can book weekly cleaning with a dry fogging provider to maintain these standards.

Dry Fogging is Completed in Speedy Time – For an average sized high school of 150,000 square feet, it can take a sanitation company using COVID cleaning supplies for schools several days to fully clean the school with a staff of a dozen workers. Not only is this expensive, but if COVID is present, this cleaning method won’t completely kill it. For a school of this size, cold sterilization dry fogging can be performed in half a day saving schools time and money.

No Preparation is Required – When you invest in companies using standard COVID cleaning supplies for schools, you need to prep each room. Electronic equipment, furniture, papers, and textiles likely need to be put into storage bins or removed from the room while cleaning takes place. But with cold sterilization dry fogging you can leave everything in its place. The mist that’s released will flow into every square inch  and will not damage any of your materials.

No Risk of Damage – As its name suggests, dry fogging contains zero moisture, so there is no chance of damage to sensitive materials like wood, paper, fabric, and electronics. This also means there is no need to pay someone for hours of drying down surfaces after the cleaning has concluded.

Safe for People and the Environment – Cold Sterilization dry fogging is released in a cloud made up of fine crystals with a hydrogen peroxide base. It is non-toxic, safe for the environment, and it is safe for people, animals and plant life.

Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Kills all other Unhealthy Entities (Mold Included) – Aside from killing 100% of COVID-19, dry fogging also kills 100% of all mold spores, other germs, and any harmful pathogen that might have found its way into your school.

Imagine being the first school in your district to guarantee there are no remnants of the COVID virus on school grounds. When schools invest in dry fogging as opposed to those subpar, standard COVID cleaning supplies for schools, they become trend setters and institutions other schools look up to. Now is the time to book a consultation and start the journey towards providing a safe school for students and faculty.

Empty school classroom with many wooden chairs. Wooden chairs in classroom.

How Does Dry Fogging in Schools Work?

The dry fogging process for sterilizing schools is really very simple. Certified, highly-trained technicians come with a cold sterilization solution that’s sprayed in every room. When the mist comes out, it floats to every square inch in every room, even entering ventilation systems, cracks in floorboards and tiles, in the folds of furniture, on ceilings, and inside electronic equipment. Really, dry fog mist goes anywhere COVID can go. The process is fast, and the most effective method in killing COVID in large buildings.Once a room has been sprayed, it is safe for people to inhabit without delay.

When the mist comes into contact with a virus or pathogen, it kills it off on the spot and eradicates any presence while sterilizing the environment to the same standards as a medical grade clean room.

Forget About Traditional COVID Cleaning Supplies for School; Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging is the Only Service Guaranteed to Kill 100% of COVID and Other Harmful Elements

When you call Titan Dry Fog, we will come perform a free inspection and give you an estimate on the spot, and we give schools the option to save money when booking ongoing dry fogging sessions with our dedicated team. We love our communities, and when it comes to killing COVID in school, we are passionate and dedicated to ensuring the safety of every student while they are on campus to get an education. Call today and start your journey towards improving the health and safety of your students and faculty.