Today more than ever, the need for a highly effective commercial sterilization provider is at a pinnacle of urgency. COVID-19 is still a threat, and with these new variants coming out, commercial businesses are scrambling to meet their state’s guidelines and offer a safe environment for employees, clients and guests. Titan Dry Fog is the leading West Palm Beach commercial sterilization company using dry fogging cold sterilization that kills 100% of all toxins, viruses, molds, and other pathogens that can threaten your property. In fact, Titan Dry Fog is the leading commercial sterilization company in all of Florida, and we even travel out of state to leave commercial properties with the same cleanliness standards of a medical-grade clean room.

What is Commercial Sterilization, and Why Use Dry Fogging as a Solution?

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Commercial sterilization can best be defined as the destruction of all viruses, pathogens, spores, and spoilage organisms that can thrive in the right environments. Based on the nature of your commercial property, these can vary. For example, if you operate in a facility where food is handled and stored, as opposed to a retail fulfilment center, pathogens can thrive in specific conditions and spread in a certain manner. However, COVID-19 and its variants can spread and infect people in any commercial space.

Dry fogging cold sterilization by Titan Dry Fog is the best dry fogging cold sterilization proven to kill 100% of all viruses, pathogens and bacteria in commercial spaces of any size, despite the space’s industry or functionality. Dry fogging is a cost-effective way to sterilize massive floor plans, and it takes a fraction of the time that traditional COVID cleaning services take. For example, a 4000 square foot factory can take traditional commercial COVID cleaning providers more than a day to complete, and even then they are unable to kill 100% of any present viruses or pathogens. With dry fogging cold sterilization, leaving a factory of that size with the same grade of a medical clean room with 100% of all pathogens destroyed takes a few hours to clean.

What is Dry Fog Commercial Sterilization?

Dry fog commercial sterilization is a method of utilizing a green-friendly, non-toxic chemical that covers every square inch and enters every crevice that is safe for people and animals performed with a solution made of hydrogen peroxide as a cold sterilization mist. The disinfectant is released into the commercial space with the tiny particles that make up the mist going anywhere that air goes. The vapor rapidly spreads covering an entire space including ceilings, inside air vents, and in many other places where wipe-down cleaning can’t reach. COVID-10 and influenza is crippling the workplace, and commercial sterilization via dry fogging is the only solution that ensures proper sanitation and peace of mind for your employees.

Dry Fogging Commercial Sterilization in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Many spores and pathogens are very resistant to heat and humidity, and given the fact that West Palm Beach is known for having a warmer climate with a high moisture index, this makes sterilizing commercial spaces in South Florida all the more challenging. Cold sterilization dry fogging for commercial spaces is the absolute best method for commercial sterilization, as it completely breaks down the challenges associated with heat and moisture, leaving surfaces and the air in your facility dry and 100% sterile. While wipe-down COVID cleaning services aren’t capable of reaching every surface area, they always leave residue behind which can damage materials and textiles. Hence its name, dry fogging uses no moisture and cleans commercial properties leaving no trace of any virus, bacteria, mold spore or pathogen behind while inflicting zero moisture damage to your property.

Commercial Sterilization with Dry Fogging is Cost-Effective and Easy

When you call Titan Dry Fog for commercial sterilization, you don’t have to pay labor forces to move furniture, equipment, or other items from the building, put them in storage, and move them back in again once days have gone by, as traditional commercial cleaning services often require that spaces fully dry before one can move their items back in, and the process can take days. Furthermore, production can come to a halt, as employees must vacate and return a day or two later. This winds up in adding additional costs that can easily be avoided.

When you invest in commercial sterilization using dry fogging cleaning services, no objects require being moved out of the building, and your workforce can return within an hour of the service being completed. Given that it usually takes an hour or two to fully sterilize a commercial property using dry figging, this means your workforce will have little downtime, and production will not suffer.

Call Titan Dry Fog for a Free Commercial Sterilization Consultation and Discover Even more Benefits

Titan Dry Fog has been serving communities throughout South FLorida for more than a decade. We have perfected cold sterilization dry fogging for COVID cleaning in commercial spaces, as well as removing all signs of mold while leaving industrial spaces as pristine as a medical clean room. We have been featured on CNN as an innovator in COVID cleaning techniques, and it is with great pride and compassion that we work to keep our communities safe and clean so that businesses can return to full force. Call today, and learn how we can make your organization a leader in safety-first practices while giving your customers and employees something to celebrate.

Commercial sterilization is defined as the destruction of all pathogenic and spoilage organisms that can grow in food under normal storage and handling conditions. … It is because spores are quite resistant to heat that commercial sterilization occurs at the elevated temperatures of around 250°F/121.1°C, or higher.

Anti-Viral Cold Sterilization & Disinfection Service

Titan Remediation Sterilization

Kills Mold, Bacteria & Viruses (Covid-19 & Influenza)

Is your business open, or are you thinking of opening? Worried about how safe your work area is?

Are you wondering if your sanitation process was completely successful?

What about inside drawers, in closets, under the seats, your equipment, under tables, your electronics?

Masks, gloves, temperature readings and wipe-downs may not be enough…

Virus sterilization in hazmat suits is no longer the domain of sci-fi movies or dystopian novels. Welcome to the next level of advanced disinfection solutions that incorporate the latest innovations in technology. UV-C light, electrostatic sprayers, and broad-spectrum disinfectant solutions are just some of the tools we utilize to ensure the eradication of harmful pathogens, including mold, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19 and influenza.

Remember, traditional cleaning methods might not reach the hidden, hard-to-access areas that could harbor infectious microbes. Inside drawers, closets, under seats, equipment, under tables, electronics—these are places that manual disinfection methods might miss. And in the fight against disease, no area should be left untouched.

Our comprehensive sterilization process starts with a thorough evaluation of your space. We then formulate a strategic plan tailored to your unique needs. Our trained professionals, donned in state-of-the-art hazmat suits, conduct the sterilization process, ensuring that every corner of your workspace is free from potential contaminants.

Masks, gloves, temperature readings, and wipe-downs are essential components of safety protocols, but we go beyond that. Our advanced disinfection service provides an extra layer of protection, a deep-clean that ensures your business is a safe environment for your employees, customers, and community. Safeguard your peace of mind by choosing our comprehensive sterilization services, your advanced shield in these challenging times.


We provide a cold sterilization process—producing a fog that kills mold, the most deadly bacteria, and viruses within seconds.

  • It is absolutely effective on COVID-19, influenza, and a multitude of other harmful pathogens
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It can take just minutes, depending on your square footage, and you don’t have to remove anything from its current resting place
  • It is NON-TOXIC—safe for humans and animals

This process involves the use of a cutting-edge cold fogging technology, a method that converts sterilizing solutions into a fine mist or fog. This fog efficiently permeates the air and surfaces, eliminating mold, deadly bacteria, and viruses in just seconds. Our proven method is highly effective against formidable pathogens such as the coronavirus, influenza, and a myriad of others.

We understand the urgency of maintaining a safe and sterile environment, and we’re ready to respond promptly, whether it’s a routine preventive measure or an emergency sanitation situation.

One of the major advantages of our fogging process is its efficiency. The time it takes varies depending on the size of the area, but it is invariably quick. Plus, it eliminates the need to remove or rearrange items from their current spots. Our fog can reach and sanitize even the most challenging hidden areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

But efficiency and effectiveness do not come at the expense of safety. Our cold sterilization process is non-toxic, posing no risk to humans or animals. The solutions we use are EPA-approved and are safe for both residential and commercial environments. This makes our method a responsible and effective choice for schools, hospitals, office buildings, homes, and any other space where safety is a top priority. Trust in our commitment to provide a clean, germ-free environment without risking the well-being of those in it.


  • EPA-certified safe, with international verification in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
  • Leaves no residue on any surface and dissipates very quickly
  • Used in hundreds of pharmaceutical, hospital (surgical and patient rooms) and manufacturing (cleanroom) applications
  • The fog goes everywhere that air goes, ensuring 100% coverage that a wipe-down sanitation process cannot provide

Our sterilization process is not only EPA-certified safe, but it also holds international verification in demanding sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. These are environments where the margin for error is slim to none, and our solution’s proven effectiveness in these settings speaks to its high-quality standard and reliability.

Our cold sterilization fog leaves no residue on any surface. Whether it’s furniture, electronics, fabrics, or metals, you won’t find any traces of the disinfection process once it’s complete. The solution dissipates rapidly, leaving your space ready for immediate use and ensuring no interruptions to your business or daily routine.

This proven method has been used in hundreds of applications, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to hospital sanitation. It has been effective in cleanroom situations where sterility is paramount, as well as surgical and patient rooms, where the health and safety of patients and healthcare workers are at stake.

One key advantage of our fogging process is its comprehensive reach. The fog acts as an airborne disinfectant, going everywhere air can flow, including those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that traditional wipe-down sanitation might miss. This ensures 100% coverage, providing a deeper, more thorough sterilization. We believe in leaving no stone unturned in the fight against harmful pathogens, and our cold sterilization fog is an invaluable weapon in this battle. Choose our service, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing every inch of your space is safe and sanitized.

Titan Dry Fog Vans


While cold sterilization is a cost-effective sanitization process, how often you require the service will depend on your needs.

  • Routine Service – Some businesses choose to receive the service on a scheduled basis, such as weekly or monthly.
  • On-Demand Service – Some businesses choose to sanitize when they suspect there has been a risk of exposure in their workplace.

If you have any questions about our company, our process or the chemicals used, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (561) 475-4050.

Dry Fogging - Cold Sterilization Datasheet

Dry Fog Mold Removal and Remediation

Cold sterilization dry fogging has been around for decades, but has gained recent popularity as a safe, fast and effective way for sterilizing a room and ridding it of the COVID virus. But what most people don’t know is that it is also an ideal way to remove airborne mold spores, as well as black mold that might be dwelling under floors, in walls, or around areas where plumbing problems have caused water damage. If you have a mold infestation, or detect a musky odor coming from damp spots in your wall or floor, you should call for dry fog mold removal services and get a free assessment and quote, as well as how your insurance will play a role in coverage. 

Dry fog mold remediation is a critical service to invest in. Mold spores are bad for human health; some studies have linked mold to cancer and lung disease, as well as respiratory problems. Even if mold is restricted to a certain area of the house, its spores are airborne and can travel throughout any sized home where they are easily inhaled. In some cases, mold has developed bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms in office buildings, causing employees to become ill. The last thing a business wants is to risk the health of their workforce and face a potential lawsuit. 

When our certified experts come to perform dry fog mold remediation, business owners and heads of households can rest assured knowing that the process is 100% effective, fast, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Mold Remediation

What is Cold Sterilization Dry Fog Mold Remediation, and how does it Work?

Cold sterilization dry fog mold remediation uses a specialized technique in which air pressure is calibrated to atomize sterilants while creating a fog of safe chemicals able to sterilize areas inaccessible to liquid and other traditional mold removal treatments. The particles that make up the fog range from 6-8 microns in diameter making the method ideal for seeking and destroying mold, as spores vary from 30-100 microns in diameter thus making it easy for the fog droplets to attach themselves to the mold and wipe it out of existence. In addition, the air pressure required to perform cold sterilization dry fog mold remediation generates the right force in a living space that allows the sterilant to penetrate all cracks, tiny gaps, and porous materials where mold spores tend to hide. For example, dry fogging can remove mold from behind crown molding, baseboards, inside fixtures, between floorboards, and in wall cavities. Dry fogging can even remove mold spores from furniture, wallpaper, clothing, artwork, textiles and a number of other items. Basically, dry fog can go anywhere mold can go, and every surface it touches becomes completely sterilized within hours.  

As its name suggests, dry fogging uses a moisture-free delivery process that is completely safe. This means it won’t damage furniture, electronics, or other elements of a home, and it is safe for all people and pets. Dry fog mold removal and remediation services performed by certified experts like the good people of Titan Dry Fogging is a sure way to kill mold spores, in a timely manner, as there are no time-consuming preparation steps to take.

What is the Dry Fog Mold Remediation Process?

The first thing Titan Dry Fogging will do is perform a mold inspection service. Mold inspection and testing is a critical first step in the process, because it is important for mold removal specialists to understand what type of mold they are dealing with, where it is located, if it has spread, and where its point of origin occured. Once this information is known, Titan Dry Fogging creates a strategy and shares it with the client, fully educating them on the cause of the mold and the process that will be used to perform mold removal. Once the client has been informed, our certified experts enter the home or building with the latest dry fog mold remediation technology, and we calibrate the equipment to release the right type of fog designed to attack the mold by fully engulfing it, including spores in hard-to reach areas like inside electrical outlets, in walls, and in between floorboards, as well as kill all stirred up airborne mold spores.

The size of the home or building will factor into how long the dry fog mold remediation process takes, but when dealing with a standard 2000 sf ranch style home, this time usually takes three hours. Ultimately, dry fog mold removal is performed significantly faster than typical mold remediation services, and is more thorough therefore offering a plethora of value to customers across the country. 

DIY Mold Removal Fogger

Anyone can purchase or rent their own dry fogging equipment and venture down the DIY mold removal fogger path. However, how you use the equipment will determine how successful you are at mold removal, and it takes an advanced level of knowledge in knowing how to use the equipment, as well as understanding and identifying various types of mold and how the spores breed. “Know thy enemy” is highly relevant in the world of dry fog mold removal and remediation, and just because you are able to rent the equipment doesn’t mean you automatically become knowledgeable in the world of mold or an expert at performing the service. In order to get certified to remove mold from a living space, technicians must pass a comprehensive exam and prove efficient in analyzing a mold infestation, creating a strategy for mold remediation, and executing on that strategy with a 100% success rate. DIY might be fine for certain home improvement projects, but not for mold removal, as mold plays a direct role in the health and safety of your family, and it factors into your home’s integrity and resale value. Leave dry fog mold removal to the experts of Titan Dry Fogging. 

Mold Remediation

Get a Quote on Dry Fog Mold Removal Remediation Services Today!

At Titan Dry Fogging we will perform mold inspection services, locate eerie mold infestation that’s visible, and that’s lurking in hidden places, and we will use our dry fogging technology to sterilize your entire living space, killing every last mold spore. In fact, cold sterilization dry fogging not only eliminates mold, it also kills COVID-19 and truly turns any dwelling into a “clean room”. Call today for a free assessment and quote, and allow our partnership to work for you, your family, and employees to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere that’s mold free.