Dry Fogging Palm Beach Gardens

Homeowners and businesses in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. are investing in COVID cleaning and deep cleaning services to protect the health of those who live and work within. However, not all advanced cleaning solutions kill 100% of COVID, even if they claim to do this. When it comes to getting a 100% guarantee that no viruses, pathogens, germs, mold or living organisms that threaten the wellness of humans and pets are left behind, only one COVID cleaning service in Palm Beach Gardens can live up to the claim: companies performing the best dry fogging in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. provide the best solution for those who want a guaranteed healthy home or workplace. 

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What is Dry Fogging?

Dry fogging is a sterilization cleaning solution unlike anything else; it utilizes a cold, moisture-free delivery system in which a hydrogen peroxide-based mist is sprayed throughout a structure. The mist kills everything, and it goes everywhere that COVID goes. The dry fog mist is delivered through specialized equipment by highly trained, certified technicians. Most businesses will have dry fogging performed weekly or bi-weekly, and most households have it performed monthly. Dry fogging is also utilized as a one-time service for homeowners that had large gatherings, but that normally have few people come into the home. That said, after parties many people have their home sterilized with dry fog to ensure no trace of COVID or germs are left behind. Dry fogging is also used by yacht owners who have their vessel sterilized after hosting parties.

Titan Dry Fog’s Commitment to Serving Palm Beach Gardens with the Best Dry Fogging Service

Located in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens is just 77 miles north of downtown Miami making it a popular place to call home for those who work in the “Magic City”. Rapid development of Palm Beach Gardens began in the 1960s, and today it is regarded as an upscale, quiet place away from the congestion and noise of Miami. Palm Beach Gardens has 12 golf courses and houses the headquarters of the Professional Golfers Association of America. Palm Beach Gardens is a paradise for retired people who love golf, as well as for younger families and working professionals seeking a more luxurious, leisure lifestyle. For many decades Titan Dry Fog has been serving the people of Palm Beach Gardens. Before dry fogging became a service, Titan has been performing mold removal and water damage restoration services all throughout Palm Beach Gardens, and over the last decade we have been proud to perform dry fogging services for those in need of home and office sterilization. Whether you own a luxurious home off the 1 highway by the Seminole Golf Club, you own a business off Prosperity Farms Rd., or you have a condo off Central Boulevard by the Old Palm Golf Club, Titan Dry Fog will respond 24/7 to your call, and provide you with a completely sterile home or workplace giving all of those in your life peace of mind that their health is being prioritized. 

Why do Palm Beach Garden Residents Invest in Dry Fogging Over Traditional Wipe-Down COVID Cleaning Services?

There is a plethora of reasons why Palm Beach Gardens residents invest in dry fogging over alternative COVID cleaning methods, and these are as follows:

Dry Fogging is Fast – When dry fogging a standard 2500 square foot home, it takes technicians roughly 20 minutes to spray the entire dwelling. When investing in traditional wipe down COVID cleaning services, it takes a team of three people half a day to clean a home of the same size.

Dry Fogging Requires No Prep Work – When you have traditional COVID cleaners come to your home, you are usually required to move furniture out of the home, as well as textiles and electronics. However, because dry fogging is moisture-free, there is no need to pay a crew to move your items, nor is there any need for you to do the back-breaking work. Dry fogging won’t damage your wood furniture or floors, nor will it damage your electronics or textiles; the mist goes into all cracks and crevices, completely eradicating all viruses, germs, and pathogens without leaving any damage or trace behind.

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No Need to Reschedule Your Busy Life with Dry Fogging Services – Because dry fogging is so fast to perform, there is no need to change your work schedule or domestic lifestyle for the day to accommodate dry fogging.

Dry Fogging is Safe for People, Pets, and the Environment – Dry fogging does not contain any harsh chemicals that can be harmful to people, pets or Mother Nature. That said, you can get the most effective deep sterilization cleaning and know you are playing a part to minimize your carbon footprint. Medical Grade Clean Room Status – As mentioned, dry fogging kills everything, even aerosol particles and dust. That said, once dry fogging has been performed in your home or office, the conditions will be identical to that of a medical grade clean room.

Call Titan Dry Fog for the Best Dry Fogging in Palm Beach Gardens

No need to put off ensuring that your family, friends, and colleagues are safe from viruses and pathogens when entering your home or place of business; Titan Dry Fog can respond quickly and perform our life-changing sterilization cleaning services to ensure your property is clean and safe. Call for a free estimate and discover a higher quality of life and better health with regularly scheduled dry fogging services in Palm Beach Gardens.