Yacht Cleaning and Yacht Sterilization

As an owner or captain, one of your top priorities is to ensure your yacht offers a safe environment for all crew members and guests. As we are seeing a variety of COVID strains coming out, the need to partner with a dry fogging service specializing in yacht cleaning and yacht sterilization is critical, as traditional yacht cleaning services will not kill COVID, mold, or other pathogens and viruses that could be resting on surfaces or that are airborne inside the ship. Titan Dry Fogging in West Palm Beach, Florida offers the only yacht sterilization and cleaning service that truly kills all viruses and pathogens with 100% effectiveness leaving vessels with the same standards as seen with a medical clean room. Your yacht in of itself is a large investment, and the health of all those who enter your vessel is important to protect. Whether you use your yacht for private or commercial purposes, reach out to Titan Dry Fogging today, and learn how we can help keep you safe from potential legal problems in the event someone were to get sick on your yacht, and how you can establish greater trust and improve your reputation in our small yachting communities. 

Why is Dry Fogging Cold Sterilization the Best Yacht Cleaning Service Available?

Most yacht cleaning services are done by boat cleaning companies with one or more team members that not only clean the bottom of the vessel and do detailing work on the exterior, but they also perform a wipe down cleaning service on the inside of yachts. Even if the cleaning solution kills COVID and other viruses on contact, it is unable to completely kill off all traces. The only yacht cleaning service that kills 100 percent of all viruses and pathogens is dry fogging cold sterilization. The dry fogging cold sterilization mist goes anywhere viruses and air can go; into ventilation systems, on ceilings, and in any other tight places or crevices. 

How does Dry Fogging for Yacht Sterilization Work?

Dry fogging for yacht sterilization is a green cleaning solution that consists of Minncare which is a peracetic and hydrogen peroxide based chemistry engineered by Mar Cor with the goal to duplicate the same conditions of a sterilized medical clean room. The mixture kills any virus, toxin or pathogen it touches, yet it is safe for people and animals. Dry fogging is also environmentally friendly, as it is the most effective green sterilization method on the market. 

When Titan Dry Fogging sterilization technicians enter your yacht they will spray the solution ensuring it covers every square inch. The process is fast, and the treatment won’t damage any textiles, wood, or finishes, as the solution is completely dry and void of moisture as the treatment’s name suggests. 

How Long Does Yacht Sterilization Take with Dry Fogging?

When it comes to yacht sterilization, the dry fogging method is more than 90% faster than traditional yacht cleaning services. For example, it usually takes an average time of 5 hours to perform traditional yacht cleaning services, but with dry fogging the process will take 20 minutes or less. Dry fogging is also a speedy process ideal for yacht cleaning because there is no long aeration period before the vessel can be occupied. In addition, there is no need to remove furnishings or objects, and no fans or drying equipment are needed due to the fact that dry fogging doesn’t have any moisture and therefore there are no wet surfaces. Whether your goal is to sterilize your yacht after it has been inhabited by a large group and it is revealed that someone in that party was exposed to the COVID virus, or you simply want to invest in the best yacht sterilization to protect your crew and passengers around the clock, there is no better solution than dry fogging. 

How Often Should Dry Fog Yacht Cleaning and Sterilization be Performed?

Titan Dry Fogging has some clients who schedule a dry fogging yacht sterilization cleaning after having played host to a large group of people (or right before the party), and we also have commercial clients that invest in the service weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Standards suggest cleaning the bottom of a yacht once a month, so often clients will schedule dru fog yacht sterilization on the same day the bottom of the vessel is being cleaned. The frequency yacht owners should perform yacht cleaning and sterilization using dry fogging really depends on how often it is used by multiple people. Your best bet is to call Titan Dry Fog, tell us all about your yachting lifestyle, the number of crew you have, guest numbers, and frequency of use so that our experts can give you the right recommendations on yacht sterilization frequency with dry fogging. 

Dry Fogging Yacht Sterilization Kills 100% of Mold

As a yacht owner you know first hand how easy it is for mold to grow inside vessels. Constant exposure to moisture and humidity can cause mold to grow on interior surfaces, in carpets, textiles, and other locations. Then you have those instances where you might have a pipe leak somewhere in the yacht, and mold colonies can develop and spread at alarming rates before they actually become noticeable. By then you are looking at very expensive mold remediation costs. One value in having dry fogging services is that the sterilization process kills every single mold spore, including those within hard-to-reach places, airborne mold spores, mold spores trapped in carpet fibers, and even mold on ceilings and walls. I

If your yacht has a musty smell, give Titan Dry Fog a call, as we are also licensed mold removal experts and use dry fogging as the best method for removing mold on yachts. By the time we finish yacht mold removal, your vessel will also be regarded as sterile as a medical clean room, and you can’t beat that feeling and peace of mind knowing that you are providing your guests and crew with a safe environment. 

Call Titan Dry for a Free Consultation on Yacht Sterilization and Advanced Yacht Cleaning with Dry Fogging Technology

Now is the time to act fast and book a consultation with our yacht sterilization and cleaning experts. We travel all over Florida, and across the country decontaminating yachts of all sizes with our safe, speedy and efficient dry fog cold sterilization services. We have the latest technology and gear to get the job done right, and every technician is licensed and certified with years of experience and completed criminal background checks to ensure our client’s safety. Call today and learn how we can keep your yacht sterilized and the envy of your marina.