Church Cleaning Services that Kills COVID with Dry Fog Cold Sterilization

Whether your church has recently reopened, or is waiting to open again, reducing your congregation’s risk of exposure to COVID-19 by   having the premises properly cleaned and sterilized is a critical part to keeping your doors permanently opened. There are multiple places in the Bible that indicate that “God helps those who help themselves”, so praying that the COVID virus, mold spores, or other deadly toxins won’t enter your sanctuary might be lined with good intentions but getting up and physically acting should go together with devotional thoughts.

What is Dry Fog Cold Sterilization Church Cleaning?

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Dry fog cold sterilization is a type of church cleaning service that sterilizes all interior areas, so they are as sterile as a medical clean room. Any virus, pathogen, or harmful element is killed instantly with 100% efficiency. A mist made from a hydrogen peroxide base is released in the air, going everywhere COVID goes on the ceilings, in the crevices of your pews, in between floorboards, in between carpet fibers, in the baptismal tank, and even in your ventilation system and in the tiny spaces in electronics equipment. There is no better way to clean a church, and therefore dry fog cold sterilization is 100% effective, while traditional wipe-down cleaning is not.

Why the Best Church Cleaning Services Use the Dry Fogging Technique

Less than one percent of cleaning companies that specialize in church cleaning services use dry fogging, as it is a sterilization process that requires special training, modern equipment, and the service has yet to become popularized.

Church leaders aware of dry dogging church cleaning services invest in it for the following reasons:

Dry Fogging Kills COVID, Traditional Wipe-Down Cleaning Doesn’t – Traditional COVID church cleaning services use a wet solution containing enough alcohol to kill the COVID virus, but this means it can only kill elements of the virus on the surfaces the rag meets. The COVID virus and other pathogens are also airborne and will eventually settle on other surfaces, and while traditional cleaning can’t kill pathogens in the air, dry fogging can. In addition, traditional church cleaning services do not include wiping down the ceilings, wiping every square inch inside your ventilation system, sterilizing electronic equipment, or killing any bacteria that might be in the baptismal tank. In other words, only dry fogging church cleaning services are 100% effective.

No Chance of Property Damage – As its name suggests, dry fog church cleaning is done without any moisture. This means there is no chance of damage being done to the beautiful wood surfaces in your church, nor is there a chance of unwiped moisture leading to spotting on textiles or creating a mold colony.

No Preparation Required – In most cases, traditional church cleaning services require a team to remove all electronics, furniture, and other pieces (flags, altar pieces, etc.) from the premises. However, because dry fog church cleaning services are performed using a mist free from moisture, there is no need to spend time and money on removing these items. The dry fogging technician will simply come in, spray the areas inside the church, and leave.

No Waiting is Necessary – Often, when churches, synagogues, and other places of worship call for church cleaning services, there is a waiting time that averages between 10 and 24 hours before anyone can re-enter the property. This is usually due to wet carpets and chemicals that are still present. But, because dry fogging church cleaning services use no moisture, and there are no time-consuming wipe-down methods involved, people can enter a place of worship usually in less than an hour from the time dry fogging church cleaning services started.

It takes a dry fogging church cleaning technician roughly 30 minutes to completely sterilize the average 4,500 square foot church, and roughly a minute for each office or classroom. This means a church can have dry fogging sterilization performed an hour before services, and the sanctuary will be completely safe and sterile for parishioners and staff to enter.

How is Cold Sterilization Dry Fog Church Cleaning Services Performed?

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Church cleaning services using dry fogging requires a single technician to enter a church with the dry fogging solution in a canister mounted to his back, with a misting device in hand. The cleaning technician will start at one end of the church and work his way backwards as he sprays the mist in a manner that goes into every possible space, even the most miniscule gaps, ensuring total coverage. Then the technician will offer a strategy going forward with the minister and his leadership team on how to keep the church safe from being a place that could potentially spread COVID, as large numbers of people will be re-entering on a weekly basis.

Keep Your Members Safe, Call Titan Dry Fog for Church Cleaning and COVID Sterilization Today

Most of our valued clients schedule weekly church cleaning services with our dry fogging technician because large droves of people come to the church every week. If an event is taking place in an overflow room or in a designated space, we can come and sterilize that room within minutes. Helping your parishioners form stronger bonds with their faith is your top priority and giving them the peace of mind knowing they can worship within a sterilized space free from viruses and therefore free from stress and concerns will garner a happy flock with clear minds for enlightenment and good health.