18 Apr. 23

How Dry Fogging Services Can Protect Your Business from Damaging Lawsuits

While one set of state laws will vary from the other, one thing remains consistent across the country: no business wants to be involved in a personal injury lawsuit by an employee, or a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a former employee’s family. Businesses also have a genuine desire and need to ensure that they provide a safe place for people to work, and this includes taking precautions to prevent a COVID outbreak and spread in the workplace. This article will examine cold sterilization dry fogging, and it will go over reasons why companies should invest in commercial sterilization dry fogging services with Titan Dry Fog in West Palm Beach, as doing so can protect your bottom line and reputation from a damaging lawsuit.

Commercial Sterilization Can Combat Employment Litigation Cases Related to Employee Illness

COVID-19 employment litigation tracker data by Fisher Phillips reveals that in the last three years there were roughly 8,000 employment litigation cases involving employees who contracted COVID at work and claimed their employer was negligent when it came to providing a safe working environment. In addition, thousands of lawsuits went to litigation in cases where employees became ill due to mold exposure at work. In fact, a jury recently awarded a verdict of $28 million in damages to a plaintiff who sued his former employers due to daily mold exposure in the workplace.

In Volume 7, Issue 1 of the Journal of Law and the Biosciences, an article titled “A Public Framework for COVID-19 Business Liability” by Daniek Hemel and Daniel B. Rodriguez examines the profound consequences upon the tort system and business rights. The authors argue that a “tidal wave of tort claims” was predicted at the onset of the pandemic, and due to the devastation businesses experienced after this prediction was made, there has been a “storm surge of legislative activity on the subject of tort reform.” This just goes to really shine the light on the danger businesses have faced, and continue to face, if they do not take the appropriate steps to keep the workplace free from the COVID virus and other viruses and elements that threaten human wellness.

Why Commercial Sterilization West Palm Beach Services Matter Even More Than in Other Regions

In West Palm Beach, where moisture levels are among the highest in the country and heavy rainfall is common, coupled with the fact that Florida had one of the highest COVID outbreaks in the country and, like other work environments across the nation, plumbing leaks can cause black mold to form under carpets and inside walls, our region has the higher likelihood of businesses facing a COVID or mold problem, compared to other cities across America.

By investing in West Palm Beach commercial sterilization dry fogging services, you can significantly reduce your chances of being devastated by a personal injury lawsuit.

Why Is Dry Fogging the Best Commercial Sterilization Service in West Palm Beach, and What Is the Difference Between Sterilization and Cleaning?

Employers have a number of options when it comes to commercial sterilization. However, the problem is that most business leaders often interchange “sterilization” with “cleaning.” Many managers and business owners are under the impression that daily office cleaning services will keep COVID and other viruses away, and kill mold spores, but this is total fiction. Traditional office cleaning services may (not all do) use cleaning chemicals that will kill viruses or mold spores, but this only happens when those spores and the virus is on a surface that can be rubbed with a rag, or where the surface can be sprayed. Considering the fact that mold spores and COVID are airborne, and they can find their way to high up on walls, on ceilings, in HVAC systems, in between floorboards, inside keyboard button cracks, and on fabrics and papers, traditional cleaning is totally ineffective when it comes to completely destroying mold or COVID.

However, commercial sterilization means what the name suggests: it leaves an office completely sterile. In fact, dry fogging commercial sterilization can even leave a workplace as sterile as a medical-grade cleanroom. When executed, nothing will survive, and this includes viruses, germs, aerosol particles, mold spores, and anything that can threaten the health of your employees and customers. In addition, because dry fogging commercial sterilization is moisture-free, there is no need to make special arrangements to have furniture, papers, computers, and other items removed before the spraying begins. Finally, dry fogging can go anywhere a virus or mold spore can go, and this includes the following areas:

  • Inside ventilation systems
  • In your HVAC system
  • In between tile and floorboard cracks
  • In between individual carpet fibers
  • On ceilings and other high-reach places
  • On ceiling fans and lighting fixtures
  • On papers and other materials that people handle daily
  • In appliances

When you invest in ongoing commercial sterilization services with our West Palm Beach dry fogging team, you will get a 100% guarantee that anything harmful has been removed, and not only will your employees love you for it, but once the community learns about this in your latest press release, you will likely find yourself having a larger fan base.

Protect Your Business and Employees: Call Titan Dry Fog for the Best Commercial Sterilization Services West Palm Beach Offers

Now is the time to call for a free quote on our dry fogging commercial sterilization services. We can remove 100% of COVID, mold spores, and other dangerous invaders in a 10,000-square-foot building in less than an hour, making dry fogging fast, convenient, and completely effective. Call today and get that peace of mind that you are making a significant move in protecting your business from any potential legal problems that can arise from work-related employee illnesses.