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12 Sep. 21

4 Problems Caused by COVID 19 House Cleaning Services, and Why Dry Fogging is the Answer

When many of us hear COVID-19 brought up, some are reminded of the devastating impact the virus has had on our global economy. But if you are like most people, you are reminded just how important it is to keep your family safe. From masking up in public to getting vaccinated, and simply staying indoors as much as possible are some of the many steps people are taking with their family to stay safe. But is your house safe from COVID?

Many people have taken precautions to keep their home safe by doing more rigorous cleaning. Some have invested in heavy-duty deep cleaning products with a high alcohol percentage, and rather than clean once a month, people have started weekly deep cleans. However, people with full-time jobs (especially parents) have little time to spend performing hours of rigorous cleaning, so they hire cleaning companies to come. Unfortunately, many of these service providers can make things worse, and not even properly fight the virus. However, when you call a COVID 19 house cleaning services company that performs dry fogging, the most common problems homeowners face with traditional cleaners are instantly resolved.

1. If the COVID 19 House Cleaning Services Don’t Use Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging, the COVID Virus can Still Remain in the Home

Virtually every single company that offers COVID 19 house cleaning services can’t claim to kill 100% of the virus unless dry fogging is the method of sterilization. These cleaning businesses use traditional wipe down methods with a solution that kills the COVID virus. However, they literally need to get in between the cracks of floorboards, scrub ceilings, clean inside electronic equipment, enter ventilation systems and scrub every square inch within, and basically clean every surface, including the air, where the virus can go. As you can see, this coverage is impossible to perform with a cloth and therefore families are paying for the concept to kill any existing COVID in their homes, but in reality, this isn’t even achievable.

When COVID 10 house cleaning done with dry fogging enters the picture, any space is left as sterile as a medical clean room. The crystals in the mist go everywhere COVID goes, even in miniscule crevices, in vents, and in any tiny space you can imagine. Make sure your COVID 19 house cleaning company uses dry fogging, or you are literally throwing your investment away.

2. Remaining Moisture and Mold Spore Colony Development

Let’s face it; there are a lot of COVID 19 house cleaning companies out there that spray their solution throughout the rooms and fail to remove all the moisture upon wipe down. In many cases moisture can go behind furniture against walls where cleaning crew fail to wipe the surface, and even if they do, not all the moisture is truly ever removed. If the humidity levels are just right, moisture can seep into materials and slowly start to spawn a black mold colony, as mold spores can enter your home every time you open your door.

Dry fog crystals within the mist contain no moisture (as its name suggests) so when you have a COVID 10 house cleaning company come to sterilize your property, you can rest assured knowing that no mold will grow from leftover moisture, and if there are any mold spores in the home searching for a suitable breeding ground, dry fogging will destroy those spores on the spot.

3. COVID 19 House Cleaning Services Can Destroy Property

Because nearly every COVID 19 house cleaning provider uses moisture-based products, the chance of property damage is higher than most people think. In fact, the ‘Insurance Information Institute’ said that in 2019, 29.4% of all property damage claims came from non-hurricane and flooding related water damage problems, and that a significant number of these disasters were caused by third parties such as cleaners. While plumbing problems and rainfall account for most of non-flooding related water damage problems, there are still enough instances where water damage occurs due to negligent cleaning crews. From failing to dry moisture from expensive antique furniture thus leaving permanent spotting or ring marks left over from damp bottles to water damage imposed on delicate textiles, the possibilities are endless. In fact, there was even a report of a Picasso lithograph suffering water damage because there was a gap in the frame where the glass fits, and moisture from a glass-cleaner manages to find its way in. When you invest in cold sterilization dry fogging through a COVID 19 cleaning company, there is zero chance that the mist from the product will leave any harm.

4. COVID 19 House Cleaning Services can Inconvenience You

If you own a standard 2000 SF home, it can take a COVID 19 house cleaning service provider around six hours to complete the job, if the home is in a typical state, and two people are actively cleaning. For busy parents juggling careers, or active people with plans, this time suck can really throw a wrench into one’s plans and in some cases cause them to cancel activities, meetings, or look for additional support in picking up the kids or doing errands, as most people like to be present when cleaners are active. There are many reasons why homeowners choose dry fogging for COVID 19 cleaning house cleaning options, and the time this service saves them is one of many reasons.

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Cold sterilization dry fogging completely removes this common problem, as it takes a COVID 19 house cleaning technician certified to administer dry fogging less than 30 minutes to sterilize a home of this size. In addition, no electronics, furniture, or other belongings need to be moved. The dry fogging expert simply enters the home, sprays in every room, and the fog will go anywhere COVID can go, killing it and all other viruses, pathogens and bacteria that may be lurking, even in hard -to- reach places like the ventilation system and between carpet fibers.

Dry fogging gets the job done both quickly, and more efficiently leaving homes as sterile as a medical clean room grade.

Call Titan Dry Fogging for the Only COVID 19 House Cleaning West Palm Beach Offers that is 100% Effective

Now you know that dry fogging is the only type of COVID 19 house cleaning that completely kills all remnants of viruses and other unwanted invaders in a home. Call Titan Dry Fog today and we will give you a free estimate and offer a fast response time to make sure you can get back into your home at lightning speed with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe.