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13 Jul. 21

Yacht Cleaning VS Yacht Sterilization: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Vessel Safe and Sterile

When most people think of yacht cleaning, they tend to pull images of routine yacht cleaning services provided by companies that are frequenting marinas. Thee service providers have divers who scrape away barnacles and debris from the bottom of the hull and along the bilge, use high-power water to loosen caked-on debris located across the yacht’s body, use a wet-dry vacuum to remove debris from carpeted areas, shine the windows, treat the wood, and wash and polish every inch of the vessel. On the other hand, companies offering yacht sterilization through advanced yacht cleaning services known as cold sterilization dry fogging involves a  system that removes all pathogens, mold and viruses, including COVID-19 and all of its variants.

This article is intended to help yacht owners, whether they use their vessel for commercial or private uses, to understand the benefits of cold sterilization dry fogging VS traditional yacht cleaning services.

Removing Serious Mold from Yacht: Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Gets the Job Done

According to studies, traditional yacht cleaning services only detect less than 20% of mold infestations, and by the time they are detected, the spores have formed multiple colonies and have caused costly damage to the yacht. Furthermore, their cleaning methods won’t kill mold spores. Instead, mold removal exp;erts need to come in, and there is usually a premium on removing serious mold from yacht or ships.

When it comes to yacht mold removal, cold sterilization dry fogging is the only cost effective mold remediation service that kills 100% of mold spores, including airborne spores and mold that’s hidden away in vents, under instrument panels, and in other hard-to-reach areas. Dry fogging is also fast to perform. In fact, performing mold removal on a 70 foot yacht takes less than an hour versus half a day to an entire day when a standard mold removal company steps in.

Dry Fogging, Unlike Standard Yacht Cleaning, Kills COVID-19

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COVID-19 is going to be an issue for years to come, especially with all the new variants coming out of India and China. As a yacht owner the last thing you want is to jeopardize your health, and the health of your family, friends and guests. In addition, you don’t want any bad PR circulating around that someone caught COVID from being on your yacht. As you know, the yachting community is very small, and word travels quickly. When you call Titan Dry Fogging our licensed team of yacht sterilization experts will come in and quickly clean every square inch of your yacht so that it mirrors the sanitation quality of a hospital “clean room”. Any lingering COVID bacteria, or any other toxins, will be killed on the spot leaving your yacht in a pristine, fully sterile condition.

Traditional yacht cleaning services may say that their solution kills COVID, but this is only the case if their wet solution is applied to surfaces where COVID might be lingering. But the virus gets easily stirred and can cling to ceilings, in between consoles where standard cleaners can’t reach, and in other places like ventilation systems, pumps, and in tiny crevices located throughout the yacht.

Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Protects Your Yacht’s Finishes

The best yachts have luxurious interiors. From decorative woodwork to textiles, these features require careful care, and any residue or moisture can damage wood, fabrics and electronics. Hence its name, dry fogging is a sterilization system that’s moisture-free and is therefore completely dry. This means your yacht’s furnishings, linens, drapes, textiles, electronic equipment, and woodwork can be completely sterilized in a dry method without running the risk of damaging your fixtures and materials.

Yacht Sterilization with Dry Fogging Builds Your Reputation

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Any confined place with a small footprint is at risk for becoming contaminated with germs, bacteria and COVID. Even if you have a large yacht, the space is vulnerable. In fact, massive cruise ships are at high risk, and as you know from decades of news reporting, people get sick on cruise ships all the time. So your yacht is not excluded from this list of potential contamination sites. If you use your yacht for commercial purposes, your customers and staff will have peace of mind knowing that you stepped up and invested in cold sterilization dry fogging to ensure that safety is always at the top of your priority.

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Titan Dry Fogging is the only cold sterilization service provider specializing in yachts with decades of experience in yacht sterilization. We are also one of the few providers to actually use the FDA certified safe dry fogging mixture that kills 100% of all bacteria, viruses, mold, and pathogens. We pride ourselves on customer service, and it is our mission to make this process easy, quick, and educate every customer on what they can do to keep their yacht sterile all season long. Whether you want a one-time yacht sterilization, or you want to schedule routine dry fog sterilization yacht cleaning visits, we are here to accommodate you and work around your busy schedule. Call today, and learn more about our cold sterilization process that puts any standard yacht deep-cleaning service to shame.