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13 Oct. 21

Why Facilities Offering Elder Care Should Invest in Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging COVID Cleaning

Even though the vaccines are out, they are not mandatory, and this means COVID is still spreading. Of those that have been impacted the most are elderly individuals, and people with pre-existing conditions. And if you own or manage a retirement community of elderly people, many likely have health problems making them all more susceptible to contracting COVID. Most nursing homes and elder care facilities invest in traditional COVID cleaning–a service in which a team comes in with a cleaning solution containing enough alcohol to kill COVID, and they wipe down surfaces, furniture, and mop floors. However, this method doesn’t kill 100% of COVID. Remember, viruses go into small crevices like those found in electronic equipment, furniture, and in between floorboards. COVID can also land on ceilings, go into ventilation systems, and it is airborne. These cleaners can’t scrub in these tiny places, or clean the inside of vents or ceilings, nor can they scrub the air. Ultimately, nursing facilities are wasting money when they use this service, as it is not at all effective.

There is only one COVID cleaning method guaranteed to kill 100% of COVID: when you call Titan Dry Fog to perform cold sterilization dry fogging COVID cleaning, you are guaranteed to be left with a facility that’s, literally, as sterile as a medical clean room meaning no pathogens, viruses, or bacteria of any kind exists. This article is intended to help owners and management teams at retirement homes, elder care communities and nursing homes understand the value in hiring a cold sterilization dry fog company to perform ongoing dry fogging COVID cleaning services.

When You Publicize that You Use Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging, You Will Get More Residents and Fill Rooms

One of the top concerns family members have when placing their senior family members in assisted living and full-time care facilities is the cleanliness and COVID safety precautions. When you let family members know that you go above and beyond by having ongoing COVID cleaning services performed via cold sterilization dry fogging, you will demonstrate your commitment to the health of your residents and staff, and your reputation will spread as being the safest care facility in the city. And you will see your rooms book up at a substantially higher rate.

COVID Cleaning Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging is Fast to Perform

One of the biggest challenges faced by senior care facilities when it comes to COVID cleaning services is coordinating times with cleaners when the residents or patients will be out of their rooms. One of the great things about dry fogging is that a standard sized room can be completely sterilized using this service in 30 seconds. This means you can coordinate a time to have dry fogging services when the residents are having a meal, or attending an activity. For those who remain in their rooms, the service can still be carried out while a person is in their bed, as the dry fogging mist is non-toxic, contains no moisture, and is completely safe for people and even animals in the event people have pets.

No Preparation is Required when COVID Cleaning with Dry Fogging is Used

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Often, when traditional COVID cleaning services go to a facility for seniors, each resident is given a notice so they can box up their possessions or move them to the closet. For those with mobility issues, staff members at your nursing home will likely move these items for the seniors. This can cause a great degree of stress for the residents, as well as confusion. It also monopolizes a great deal of your staff’s time. One of many benefits to investing in the COVID cleaning method that uses dry fogging is that nothing needs to be moved; everything can stay in the room just as it is. As its name suggests, there is no moisture in dry fogging, so no damage can be inflicted on papers, photos, artwork, furniture, linens, electronics, or other items.

Dry Fogging Promotes Good Health

Of all the COVID cleaning services, dry fogging is the only one that kills all pathogens, bacteria and viruses. In fact, once a room has been prayed, it is identical to the safe standards of a medical grade clean room. In other words, once a room has been sprayed it mirrors the type of controlled environment where all pollutants such as airborne microbes, dust, germs and aerosol particles are completely destroyed. Since a large percentage of patients and residents in assisted living and nursing facilities have respiratory problems, and other major health problems, residing in a care home where dry fogging is regularly performed will promote better health.

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As the manager of a nursing home or care facility, you are responsible for a number of things, including the wellness of your staff and residents, and ensuring that the premises are clean and safe. Call Titan Dry Fog today and learn how we can help to ensure that you have the cleanest, safest senior living center in the city, and from there you can expect to see an increase in business.