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13 Dec. 21

Why Dry Fogging is the Best School Cleaning Services

The need for school cleaning services is higher than it’s ever been before. With parents on strike refusing to enroll their kids in school amidst the Coronavirus pandemic (for a variety of reasons), school administration boards are desperate to find ways in which safety can be improved for students and teachers alike.

Today, most schools invest in deep cleaning and COVID cleaning services performed by traditional cleaning companies. And while their cleaning spray may kill the COVID virus, it certainly does not eradicate every bit of COVID and other viruses from the premises. This means children and faculty are still vulnerable, and really, schools are wasting money paying for a service that isn’t even effective.

There is only one deep cleaning method guaranteed to kill 100 percent of the COVID virus from schools, and this article is intended to help educate school board members, principals, teachers and parents as to why cold sterilization dry fogging is the best school cleaning services, while outlining the value schools get when they invest in this cleaning method.

The Best Cleaning Services Kill 100% of COVID: Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Does Just That

Traditional school cleaning services have solutions they spray onto surfaces, and many of these sprays will kill COVID. The problem is that COVID is airborne, and you can’t wipe down the air. Furthermore, the COVID virus can settle high up on walls, ceilings, go in between floorboards and other hard-to-reach areas, and it can enter ventilation systems. This means traditional school cleaning services are worthless and a waste of money if the goal is to keep classrooms completely safe for students and teachers. On the other hand, cold sterilization dry fogging kills 100% of COVID by going anywhere the virus can go and destroying it on the spot. The fog goes into miniscule crevices, on the ceiling, walls, in vents, and even into the fine cracks found in electronics equipment such as computer keyboards. Savvy schools know to invest in dry fogging, and schedule weekly cleaning services.

Dry Fogging Requires No Prep Work (This Means You Save Money)

No need to pay a team to move all the electronics equipment, desks, maps, textiles, books, and other items from classrooms and offices in preparation for cold sterilization dry fogging. As the name suggests, there is no moisture in this school cleaning service, so there is no risk of damaging property. Most schools discover that COVID cleaning supplies for schools don’t work, and in the process they spend hours (if not the greater part of the day) moving things in and out of the building to use a cleaning method that is worthless. When cold sterilization dry fogging technicians visit schools, every item can remain in its place, with zero risk of damage, saving your school a great degree of time and money.

Dry Fogging is Fast, and Effective

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare; slow and steady wins the race. But this simply isn’t the case when it comes to dry fogging schools with effective cleanliness. While it can take a crew all night long to clean a school, a dry fogging technician can sterilize 10 classrooms in roughly 10 minutes. Entire schools, including the gym, can be sterilized in less than an hour. This is not only beneficial because it is an effective way to kill 100% of COVID, but it also means the entire school can be sterilized first thing in the morning right before the first bell rings, making the service convenient for the principal and his staff.

High School Hallway

Dry Fogging Makes Schools as Sterile as a Medical Clean Room

Imagine the delight of parents knowing their kids will be studying in a room that’s as sterile as a medical grade clean room. Cold sterilization dry fogging ensures just that. Dry fogging kills 100% of all living organisms, pathogens, aerosol particles, dust, viruses, pathogens, mold spores, and anything else that can threaten the health of children. However, it is perfectly safe for human beings and animals (meaning the class pet will be just fine).

Dry Fogging Cleaning for Schools is Environmentally Friendly

Virtually every reputable school is focused on reducing their carbon footprint, and most teach children the value of green living. Yet few schools practice what they preach. Many school cleaning services use chemicals that are bad for the environment. However, cold sterilization is a mist with a hydrogen peroxide base, and it is completely safe for the environment, as are the tools used for spraying the fog into the classrooms. Even the production of the dry fogging gas is conducted under guidelines put in place to nurture the earth. When schools invest in dry fogging for their school cleaning services, not only are they putting the health of the children and teachers first, but they are also staying within the lines of green practices.

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