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12 Apr. 21

Why Cold Sterilization is #1 Out of All COVID House Cleaning Services

Survival Times of COVID-19 on All Types of Surfaces

Scientists now know exactly how long the coronavirus can survive on porous and nonporous surfaces. According to the U.S. CDC and U.S. FDA, COVID-19 can remain viable on metal, ceramic, glass, and paper surfaces for up to five days. It can remain transmissible and infectious on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces for up to three days. If the coronavirus is transferred to cardboard items, it will survive for up to 24 hours. Aluminum and copper surfaces are the least “friendly” to COVID-19 because of their antimicrobial properties. Coronaviruses expire in less than eight hours when conveyed to items with aluminum or copper surfaces. Currently, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread via food or water.

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 surface-to-human transmission, the CDC offers tips for cleaning your home:

  • Clean doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and other high-touch surfaces at least twice a day. How many times high-touch surfaces should be wiped down also depends on how often they are touched, who touches them and if they are frequently touched by visitors.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces immediately after having visitors. This even applies when visitors have been fully vaccinated or
  • Clean surfaces more than once a day if your household has elderly people or other high-risk individuals living there.
  • Instruct all household members to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water each time they return from doing errands. The CDC says that if soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer containing 60 percent alcohol is acceptable.
  • Use disinfectant products listed on this page or bleach solutions to eliminate COVID-19 from surfaces.

Soap, alcohol, and bleach-based cleaning agents deactivate the ability of COVID-19 viruses to infect host cells. An enveloped virus like the coronavirus contains a genome that is protected by a simple lipid membrane. Disinfectants can easily breach this lipid layer and damage the viral genome enough to prevent it from replicating in the human body. When COVID-19 cannot use its genome to infect other cells, it is essentially rendered noninfectious.

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Why Choose Titan Dry Fogging COVID-19 House Cleaning Services

Disinfecting solutions potent enough to remove COVID-19 from surfaces can also ruin wood, fabric, and countertop surfaces by staining, dissolving, or fading them. In addition, COVID-19 cleaning agents may also cause health problems. Skin and eye irritation, worsening of asthma and allergy symptoms, nausea and vomiting and breathing difficulties have been reported by individuals using products recommended by the CDC.

In addition, wiping down surfaces with CDC-recommended solutions does not guarantee complete elimination of COVID-19 on hard and “soft” surfaces. Even nonporous surfaces often contain tiny grooves, cracks, and crevices where the coronavirus can hide from exposure to disinfectants. Furthermore, wiping surfaces does not kill airborne COVID-19 droplets. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, “Covid-19 can remain airborne and transmissible for multiple minutes and possibly longer in places where there is no adequate airflow”.

Fortunately, a new, more effective method of COVID-19 disinfection for homes is now available that does not damage surfaces or cause health problems. It is called cold sterilization.

Cold sterilization (also called dry fog sterilization or dry fogging) is the safest, most effective way to kill both surface and airborne COVID-19. In fact, after your home undergoes the cold sterilization process we offer, you will have clinically “clean rooms” from the medical standard point of view. Cold sterilization also kills mold spores, bacteria, and other germs without the need to spray and wipe every surface in your home or workplace.

How Does Cold Sterilization Kill COVID-19?

After you schedule an appointment for COVID-19 house cleaning services with Titan Dry Fogging, a professional dry fogging technician will come in and spend about 30 minutes disinfecting a 2000 square foot home. Larger homes and buildings will take a few hours to complete. Before we give you a free estimate, we will ask about the size of your home or business and how many rooms will need decontaminated.

Here’s how dry fogging works to kill COVID-19:

  • We spray a non-toxic disinfectant as a vaporous mist in each room of your home. This mist quickly reaches all areas of a room, including corners and crevices, and does not dampen surfaces. Dry fogging does not leave any residue or odor after application.
  • Within minutes, the disinfectant starts eliminating COVID-19, bacteria, mold spores and many other infectious pathogens. Larger homes and buildings may need several hours or a few days to be completely disinfected.
  • No extra wiping of surfaces or any other cleaning tasks are required after your home undergoes COVID-19 house cleaning services by Titan Dry Fogging.

Cold sterilization chemicals have been certified safe to use around humans and pets by the U.S. EPA. Dry fogging applications are regularly utilized by hospitals, food manufacturers, laboratories and other places considered “clean rooms”.

Benefits of Dry Fog Sterilization

In addition to killing COVID-19, cold sterilization also:

  • Kills airborne mold spores. Mold can cause serious respiratory infections and potentially damage the foundation of your home.
  • Kills viruses and bacteria that cause influenza, systemic infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase multiple cleaning agents, gloves, and masks.
  • Leaves your home or building feeling clean and smelling fresh.
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing you are living in an environment completely free of COVID-19.

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We want our dry fog sterilization services to be as affordable as possible for everyone. That is why we offer a huge discount when you take advantage of our special programs exclusively provided by Titan Dry Fogging.

Dry fog sterilization for COVID-19 is the best way to keep the coronavirus from infecting your home or workplace. It is safer than using harsh cleaning agents that can damage nonporous and porous surfaces. It takes much less time than constantly wiping off surfaces, only to have to wipe them off again in a few hours. And the rapidly dispersing vapor mist reaches every nook and cranny in each room treated.

Call Titan Dry Fogging today and receive your free estimate over the phone. Do not forget to ask about our discounts!