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18 Nov. 22

3 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in West Palm Beach Dry Fogging Commercial Sterilization Services

It goes without saying that commercial cleaning services are a must for any office building or place of work. But should companies invest in West Palm Beach commercial sterilization dry fogging services as part of their monthly operations?

Florida has one of the highest numbers of state-wide cases where people are catching viruses in the workplace. Since traditional office cleaning services don’t kill viruses and other airborne threats, more companies are seeking cold sterilization dry fogging commercial sterilization services.

This article is intended to help business leaders learn why it is well worth their time to invest in dry fogging commercial sterilization by sharing the top three reasons for making this critical move.

1. Commercial Sterilization Can Save You from A Lawsuit

In 2021 there were thousands of lawsuits filed against employers for contracting COVID in the workplace. In 2022 an employee of the famous candymaker See’s Candy contracted COVID at work and unknowingly passed it to her husband who later died. The employee filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her company claiming that they failed to implement the appropriate safety measures in the workplace to protect workers from catching the virus. Even though the vaccine and boosters have been out for some time, people are still fearful of contracting COVID, and there are still new cases daily, even amongst those who were vaccinated. Because Florida has one of the lowest numbers of vaccinated individuals and has one of the highest numbers of lawsuits filed against employers, investing in monthly commercial sterilization services offering dry fogging makes total sense.

2. Investing in Dry Fogging Commercial Sterilization in West Palm Beach is a Great Gift to the Community

The number one setting in Florida where people contract viruses is in the workplace. By investing in dry fogging commercial sterilization services, you are helping to slow the spread of COVID within the local West Palm Beach community, and you are also protecting community members against the flu and other viruses. All it takes is one person to get sick at work, spread it to their family, and have a child pass it along to a number of other children at school, who then pass it to their families, and the cycle continues to repeat. When companies invest in dry fogging commercial sterilization with Titan Dry Fog, they are stepping up in their community to look after the greater good of all residents.

3. Commercial Sterilization Services Increase Employee Productivity

Studies show that when employees feel safe at work, and appreciated by their employers, they are willing to put in a greater degree of work. While all commercial buildings pay a service to dust, empty the trash, and vacuum the floors, not all of them invest in commercial sterilization services. If you announce to your employees that you have the premises dry fogged once a month, they will feel safer, appreciated, valued, and just knowing their well-being is important will motivate them to put in much more work, and to care more about their role in the company.

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Dry Fogging as a Commercial Sterilization Method

Dry fogging is the only type of commercial sterilization with a 100% guarantee of killing COVID, mold spores, other viruses, and germs. That said, investing in any other commercial sterilization services in West Palm Beach is a poor investment because nothing is certain when it comes to eradicating all dangerous matters.

Some West Palm Beach commercial sterilization services use chemicals to sterilize surfaces like walls, desks, counters, and doors, but the liquid isn’t 100% effective, and even if some are, they can’t sterilize the air or the ceiling, and most viruses, including COVID, are airborne. Dry fogging is a hydrogen peroxide based, moisture-free mist that gets sprayed in every room, and it literally goes everywhere including in between floor boards, in ventilation systems, into the crevices of the keyboard, on ceilings, and in drapes and textiles. It also sterilizes carpets and electronic devices, including phones.

Call Titan Dry Fog for the Best Commercial Sterilization Services in West Palm Beach

Titan Dry Fog is the first company to offer cold sterilization dry fogging in West Palm Beach and is also the first company in the state of Florida to perform this service. Not only do we strive to keep as many commercial properties in West Palm Beach sterile and as clean as possible, but we also travel all over the state providing this valuable service. Dry Fogging is fast, requires no preparation, and won’t damage your property; we can sterilize a 20,000 square foot building in less than two hours, and this moisture free service means nothing will get wet or damaged. Call us today to learn more!