Man in protective suit and face mask spraying for disinfection in the office

10 Feb. 23

Dry Fogging: Meet the Commercial Sterilization Method that West Palm Beach Customers Also Use in their Homes

West Palm Beach, Fl. is known for having some great scuba diving, a fun nightlife, and pristine beaches. Unfortunately, it is also known by insurance data collectors as having one of the highest residential and commercial mold problems in the country and is located in a state with one of the highest reported COVID cases. With this in mind, businesses have scrambled to invest in the best commercial sterilization West Palm Beach services to ensure their employees and customers are safe from the dangers of viruses and mold spores.

But after you sterilized your workplace, what about home? What about the safety and wellness of your family? Surely, the best commercial sterilization process will kill all signs of mold, viruses, and pathogens. If you use the right process, it absolutely will. Unfortunately, when people invest in traditional commercial cleaning services and then assign that team to clean a residential property, there is no guarantee that 100% of COVID and mold will be destroyed, and the ventilation systems and ceiling remain contaminated.

Thankfully there is a commercial sterilization process that destroys 100% of all molds, viruses, pathogens and germs, including those on the ceiling and in the vents: cold sterilization fry fogging.

With Dry Fogging, Sterilize Commercial Properties with 100% Effectiveness Guarantee

When it comes to traditional commercial sterilization cleaning such as wipe-downs, you can’t disinfect the ceiling, inside the vents, in between the floorboards, and other hard-to-reach places. However, dry fogging releases a dry mist based in hydrogen peroxide that will go anywhere mold goes, including in your HVAC system, on the ceiling, in between the keys of your keyboards, in furniture, papers, and everywhere else. There is, literally, no escape for mold spores whether they are airborne, or settled on a surface. When you invest in dry fogging commercial sterilization at your West Palm Beach place of business, you can rest assured knowing your colleagues are safe, and you can have this same service performed in the home, offering identical results that your family will love you for.

Dry Fogging Commercial Sterilization is Fast to Perform, and Even Faster in Your Home

Unlike other commercial sterilization West Palm Beach services, dry fogging services by Titan Dry Fog are very fast to perform. This means there is no costly downtime in the office or factory. For example, a 10,000 square foot building can be completely sterilized in roughly an hour. That’s enough time to perform while employees are taking their lunch break. And when sterilizing a 2,000 square foot home, the time should take roughly 10 minutes. Technicians simply start at one area of a dwelling, pull the trigger of their fog gun, and walk backwards. The fog goes everywhere the contaminants go!

Dry Fogging Leaves Commercial Properties as Sterile as a Medical Clean Room

Medical clean rooms are special closed-off areas where there are no aerosol or dust particles, living organisms, or anything that isn’t part of that environment. These are places where medical goods and electronics are manufactured under the strictest guidelines. When you invest in dry fogging services for your commercial sterilization needs, you will effectively turn the conditions of your workplace into a sterile environment that’s identical to a medical clean room, and the same goes for the home when West Palm Beach dry fogging services are used.

Why Do Commercial Property Owners Partner With Titan Dry Fog?

When it comes to commercial sterilization. Business owners contract with Titan Dry Fog to perform routine cold sterilization dry fogging sessions for the following reasons:

  • Expertise – Titan Dry Fog has been sterilizing businesses and removing more for more than a decade with a perfect record.
  • Convenience – We will dry fog your workplace when it’s convenient for you, and we work around the clock.
  • Customer Service – Businesses turn to Titan Dry Fog for commercial sterilization services because we offer a level of customer service next to none where every client is treated like family.
  • Passion for West Palm Beach – Our headquarters is located in West Palm Beach, and each local job we perform is done with passion as we work towards keeping our community members safe.
  • Skills – When we perform commercial sterilization we sometimes discover water damage. Our techs are certified to perform water damage restoration, mold inspection and removal, and dry fog the entire property to ensure it is healthy. In the event your property has several issues going on, working with us will save you time and money, as we offer every solution under one convenient roof.
  • Equipment – We arrive in marked vehicles, our techs are neat and clean in uniform, and all of our equipment reflects the latest technology in dry fogging, mold detection, and mold removal and restoration, as well as water damage restoration. We cover ALL the bases.

Call Titan Dry Fog for Fast West Palm Beach Commercial Sterilization Today!

We provide the best commercial sterilization services in all of Palm Beach County, and now is the time to ensure your building is safe and clean for your employees and customers. Then why not extend the service to your home? Once our team has dry fogged your workplace, we can head over to your home to ensure it is just as sterile and safe. Call today to schedule a consultation and your first session with the only team in West Palm Beach that can kill 100% of all COVID and mold!