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18 Oct. 22

5 Reasons Why Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Mold Removal is the Best Cleaning Method in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL has one of the highest moisture levels in the US, so it should come at no surprise that this area is in the top 10% for the highest number of mold removal claims filed with insurance companies. When moisture enters the home even in small amounts (a slow pipe leak in the walls, or moisture coming in through the windowsill, for example) Mold is a very dangerous problem to have in your home. Not only can it cause asthma and severe respiratory problems, but it is also toxic and has caused deaths. In fact, actress Britney Murphy died due to mold exposure in her bedroom. That said, you should familiarize yourself with the best way to eradicate mold, and that would be through cold sterilization mold removal. Finally, when it comes to West Palm Beach cold sterilization mold removal or dry fogging, Titan Dry Fog is the only restoration company in Palm Beach County to offer this specialty home cleaning and mold removal service.

Here are the top five reasons why you should use cold sterilization dry fogging for mold removal and house cleaning over other methods offered in West Palm Beach.

1. Cold Sterilization Mold Removal and House Cleaning Requires Zero Preparation

When using traditional mold removal and deep cleaning / sterilization services, there is a lot of prep work required. For example, furniture and electronics must be removed from the home and then moved back into place. However, with cold sterilization mold removal, also known as dry fogging, you can keep all your belongings safely inside because cold sterilization home disinfection and mold removal has no master, and therefore there is no risk in harming your belongings. This factor in of itself saves homeowners a great degree of time and expenses. Really, the only thing you will need to do is temporarily remove pets while the home is sprayed to ensure they don’t get in the way, and to make sure the cold sterilization mold removal crew has access into every room.

2. Cold Sterilization Dry Fog Mold Removal is Very Fast to Perform

Another pain point that people have who need home decontamination and mold removal is that the process can take all day, or longer. However, with cold sterilization mold removal, it takes a single technician less than 30 minutes to destroy all mold spores in a 3,000 square foot space. Destroying mold spores in a 10,000 square foot office space only takes about two hours, while traditional methods would eat up a week’s time for you and your employees.

3. Cold Sterilization Dry Fog Mold Removal is Safe for the Environment

Traditional mold removal services use harsh chemicals that were engineered in a manner that causes significant harm to the environment. In addition, the chemicals themselves are bad for Mother Nature, pets and people. However, cold sterilization dry fog is based in hydrogen peroxide and is very green-friendly, safe for Mother Nature, animals, and people. If you want to play a role in making smart choices that have a positive impact on our environment, then cold sterilization dry fogging would be an ideal mold removal solution.

4. Cold Sterilization Dry Fog is the Only Mold Removal Service that Guarantees 100% Effectiveness

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While standard mold removal services are designed to destroy mold, they never guarantee that 100% of all mold spores are destroyed. However, cold sterilization dry fog goes everywhere a mold spore can go in vents, in between floorboards, on the ceiling, and even in the cracks of your keyboard. With cold sterilization dry fogging, you can rest assured knowing that every single mold spore is eradicated, and your home and family are safe.

5. Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Leaves Your Home as Sterile as a Medical Cleanroom

Cold sterilization dry fogging doesn’t just destroy mold spores, it also kills off all signs of viruses, dust particles, pathogens, germs, microbes, and any organic matter. In other words, it kills mold, COVID-19, and all air pollutants to the point that the home meets the standards of medical devices cleanrooms–an environment where a specific size of air particles is prevented from entering during a manufacturing process in industries like healthcare, technology, and food production. There is no better way to guarantee the cleanliness of your home than through the method of cold sterilization, and this is yet another benefit in having this cleaning process used to remove mold from your home.

Call Titan Dry Fog for Cold Sterilization Mold Removal and house Cleaning in West Palm Beach

Titan Dry Fog is the only mold removal company in West Palm Beach that performs cold sterilization dry fogging. Whether you need mold removal and remediation, or you simply want your home or office sterilized, we can respond right away and quickly get the job done. Call for a quote today!