3 Top Reasons Why Dry Fogging is the Best Method for Commercial Sterilization in West Palm Beach

Disinfecting an office building, warehouse, factory, retail stores, and all other types of commercial properties has always been in demand, but since COVID has broken out (even if it is on the decline) cases in Florida are still higher than the national average, and people are move warry than ever before of being contaminated by viruses. Viruses aside, there are two primary places where people get invaded by pathogens and germs: (1) the workplace and (2) at school (or from children who pick up germs from school). That said, when you book recurring commercial sterilization in West Palm Beach with a certified provider like Titan Dry Fog, you can be a top workplace in the city that takes extra steps to protect employees, and the community will appreciate you for keeping visitors safe while playing a part to help control the spread of COVID and other viruses, which are still concerns, even for those who are vaccinated and boosted.

Now that you see the PR and practical benefits of investing in sterilization services, why is dry fogging the best method for commercial sterilization, and how is sterilizing a commercial property different from routine cleaning services?

This article will differentiate those two things while listing three reasons why dry fogging for commercial sterilization is the best approach to eliminating all viruses and pathogens from your workplace.

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Commercial Sterilization VS Commercial Cleaning

Before we delve into the three main reasons why dry fogging is the best method for commercial sterilization in West Palm Beach, let’s first understand the main difference between these two. Commercial cleaning services clean easy-to-reach areas of the office like desk and counter surfaces, bathrooms, floors, doorknobs, windows, and they clear trash bins. However, the cleaning liquids and sprays they use do not kill 100% of all germs, and they certainly don’t kill viruses. First, most pathogens and viruses, including COVID, are airborne, and this means that even if surfaces are cleaned, the contaminants can float around before eventually settling on new surfaces. On the other hand, sterilization means that all pathogens and germs are eradicated, with no place to go. If your goal is to simply remove dust, empty trash bins, and have a presentable-looking workplace, then standard cleaning services will be fine. However, if your goal is to truly provide a safe work environment where there are zero germs, then you must upgrade to commercial sterilization services, and your West Palm beach employees will thank you for it.

What is Dry Fogging?

Dry fogging is a cold sterilization method used for commercial sterilization, and the only process used that enables commercial properties to be as pristine as a medical cleanroom. Dry fogging is made up of a solution based in hydrogen peroxide that kills everything it comes into contact with, from dust mites to viruses, and from mold spores to bacteria.

1. Dry Fogging is the Best Commercial Sterilization Period Because it Goes Everywhere

When you hire traditional commercial sterilization cleaners, they may be using a different grade of cleaning chemical that’s superior to the types used in standard cleaning services, but unlike dry fogging, the decontamination solution can’t go everywhere. When done by hand, the only places that can get sterilized are surfaces like tables, walls, desks, and other similar places. However, dry fogging is distributed as a mist that literally goes everywhere, including these places:

  • Ceilings
  • Inside ventilation systems and HVAC systems
  • In between floor boards
  • In the crevices of computer keyboard keys
  • In the folds of drapery and textiles
  • On floors
  • In lighting fixtures
  • In between tiles
  • On high points of walls
  • In the air of every room

The fog engulfs the entire room and settles everywhere, guaranteed to kill all pathogens.

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2. The Only Commercial Sterilization Method Guaranteed to Kill 100% of Viruses, Germs, and Pathogens

Cold sterilization dry fogging is the only commercial sterilization method guaranteed to kill 100% of everything that’s bad for you, including COVID, mold spores, and the flu virus. In fact, once a building is sprayed with dry fogging solution, it becomes as sterile as a medical cleanroom–a clean air environment where air particles and pollutants are removed in healthcare facilities and labs, in manufacturing rooms, and in places where operations are performed involving science and technology, E-liquids and food production for the mass market.

3. Dry Fogging Commercial Sterilization is Performed Quickly with Zero Preparation Required

When traditional commercial sterilization services are performed, a team of people are usually involved, and to sterilize a 15,000 square foot facility can take all day, if not two days. In addition, electronic equipment, furniture, and textiles need to be relocated and then moved back in, which imposes another expense for companies, and leads to a longer time frame to see the process completed from start to finish. However, because dry fogging (as its name suggests) is a moisture-free commercial sterilization process, there is no need to remove anything from the space as there is no liquid to damage anything. As for the time it takes to sterilize a 15,000 square foot building, this can be accomplished in between one and two hours with only a single technician. All the person must do is enter every room, walk backwards, and spray the solution. The process is quick, easy, and provides companies to continue working without large levels of downtime that can impede operations.

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